FRANK with others

Bands Frank Stroobants played in:

EP ‚Love is a four-letter Word‘
The Netherlands
Dee Dee Ramone I.C.L.C1994Tegelen
Studiomusician for CD ‚I hate freaks like you‘ (Rough Trade Records)
The Netherlands
Bob Spaak1994AmsterdamThe Netherlands
CD ‚Wrede/The Cruel Peace‘ (Dureco/Megadisc)
The Netherlands
LP ‚A state of no mercy‘ (TAS records)
The Netherlands
(no name) 1984 Leiden The Netherlands
NOATH 1983 Rotterdam The Netherlands
Endlösung 1983 Rotterdam The Netherlands
The Moral Virtue 1983 Rotterdam
Song ‚The naked kiss‘ on compilation LP ‚Rotterdam Spunk‘ (Plastic Cheese Records)
The Netherlands
Bunker Oeso 1982 RotterdamThe Netherlands
Ondergeniepig 1982 RotterdamThe Netherlands
Formaline Ka1979-1984Tilburg & RotterdamThe Netherlands
Adrenalinasummer 1978TorremolinosSpain
Average Power1977LeidenThe Netherlands