Until the uprising of punk, music seemed connected with virtuosity and complex compositions. Punk brought back rock & roll to the essence: a means of expressing emotions. Not technique or skills but honesty as the proof of quality. It is 1976 when FRANK throws his air guitar aside and starts playing the real thing.

FRANK played guitar in a dozen bands but also composed and performed solo all these years. In 2000 he released 5 CD’s that form a chronological overview of that solo career. The good listener will recognise the punk roots. But the music has evolved into beautiful melodies.

Aside from the EP In the Land of Milk & Honey, FRANK in 2003 released the first album in a series of music dedicated to poetry of the Great War, For War is Hell. Followed by Out of Trenches in 2015. A new single called Abschied was released in 2017.

Currently FRANK is expanding his musical horizon and skills. Some new songs are in the making and more recordings and gigs will follow shortly.

Formaline Ka

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