Welcome to the homepage of singer songwriter FRANK. I am an independent artist who played in a lot of bands, but also performed solo.  Many of the works  I released as a solo artist, can be listened to on Spotify.
A few giveaways you will find on the audio page of this website.
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Name: Frank Gustaaf Stroobants
Born: 23 July 1962, Ostend (Belgium)
Residence: enjoying nature in the Harz mountains in Germany

Frank’s music can be found on all major music sites, like Spotify.

Until the uprising of punk, music seemed connected with virtuosity and complex compositions. Punk brought back rock & roll to the essence: a means of expressing emotions. Not technique or skills but honesty as the proof of quality. It is 1976 when Frank throws his air guitar aside and starts playing the real thing.

Frank played guitar in a dozen bands but also composed and performed solo all these years. In 2000 he released 5 CD’s that form a chronological overview of that lonely musical existence. The compilation exists of music composed and played by himself.
The good listener will recognise the punk roots. But the music has evolved into beautiful melodies.

Aside from the EP In the Land of Milk & Honey, FRANK in 2003 released the first album in a series of music dedicated to poetry of the Great War, For War is Hell. Followed by Out of Trenches in 2015. A new single called Abschied was released in 2017.

For Frank composing often starts with layering simple repeating melody lines.
From every combination arises a new harmony. Every new harmony produces ideas for a new melody line. An endless amount of harmonies, risen from the same origin. In the end a melody line is chosen that will be the leitmotiv to which all the others have to conform. Some will survive, the others will vanish. Making the structure of the song is the last phase of the process.

Frank performed solo and with bands on a.o:
Futuruma, New Music Seminar NY, New Pop and in clubs all over Europe.

FRANK with others

Bands Frank Stroobants played in:

EP ‚Love is a four-letter Word‘
The Netherlands
Dee Dee Ramone I.C.L.C1994Tegelen
Studiomusician for CD ‚I hate freaks like you‘ (Rough Trade Records)
The Netherlands
Bob Spaak1994AmsterdamThe Netherlands
CD ‚Wrede/The Cruel Peace‘ (Dureco/Megadisc)
The Netherlands
LP ‚A state of no mercy‘ (TAS records)
The Netherlands
(no name) 1984 Leiden The Netherlands
NOATH 1983 Rotterdam The Netherlands
Endlösung 1983 Rotterdam The Netherlands
The Moral Virtue 1983 Rotterdam
Song ‚The naked kiss‘ on compilation LP ‚Rotterdam Spunk‘ (Plastic Cheese Records)
The Netherlands
Bunker Oeso 1982 RotterdamThe Netherlands
Ondergeniepig 1982 RotterdamThe Netherlands
Formaline Ka1979-1984Tilburg & RotterdamThe Netherlands
Adrenalinasummer 1978TorremolinosSpain
Average Power1977LeidenThe Netherlands



FRANK in Yogazentrum Harz

On the 21th of June I will do a solo concert in Yogazentrum Harz in Wildemann. I will do a set of own songs from my two WW1- CD’S as well doing some songs of other artists. The entrance is free, the concert starts at 7.30...


Today I launched a new website for my music. Keep in touch, more information (and music!) will follow.




2000 Album a more aggressive follow-up for Wallpaper. Instrumental pieces with a raw guitar sound, now and then supported by drums. Recorded on 8-track Adat.

Sad Sad

Sad Sad

2000 Album Melancholic instrumental pieces. I tried to create a classical music sound. Sad Sad was recorded on hard disc using Cubase.

Songs about Love & Hate

2000 Album Features Frank on guitar and vocals. A compilation of punk songs. Recorded on cassette in 1985 and 1986.



2000 Album Consists of instrumental pieces with guitars and bass. A beautiful wallpaper. Recorded between 1989 and 1992 on 4-track cassette.

For War is Hell

For War is Hell

2003 Album Songs on poems made by soldiers in the Great War. With 24-pages booklet. More info.



2017 Single First song on a german poem of the Great War.